Escuela de Karting en Estepona

KARTING SCHOOL (founded in 2017)

At Kart&Fun we know that early practice of a sport like karting is very beneficial for the children who do it. Thanks to this sport, our little pilots are developing as people and acquiring habits for the future: discipline, effort, socialization, respect, teamwork... All of them, and some more, must be taught and trained not only in their respective schools but also outside the school environment. In our school, they will also develop driving skills and education that will provide them with extra safety when, years later, the time comes for them to drive on public roads.

Thus, our philosophy goes beyond teaching karting courses for all levels and for that reason, we launch our 'Driving School', which does not only pursue a sporting objective, but combines it with academic and social purposes to that all children develop knowledge that will be very useful throughout their lives.

Welcome to the Karting School

At Kart&Fun we pride ourselves on offering an exciting and dynamic training experience for karting enthusiasts of all ages.
Our karting school in Estepona provides a variety of courses tailored to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced drivers..

**Contracting Modalities:**

We offer two types of contracting for the karting school:

Payment for individual classesclases sueltas

- Full monthly payment

**Important note:** In case of monthly payment, classes will only be discounted in the following month if they are suspended due to rain.

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School schedules and prices:

Grupo 1: Inicial Infantil

45/60 € 

 pago mensual / clase suelta
  •  Miercoles de 17:15 a 18:15h.

Grupo 2: Inicial Junior 
/ Kart Propio 

45/60 €

precio mensual / clase suelta
  •    Miércoles de 18:30 a 19:30h.

- **Grupo 3: Avanzado Kart Propio**

45/60 € 

 pago mensual / clase suelta
  •  Jueves de 18:30 a 19:30h.

Grupo 3: Kart Extreme

60/70 €

pago mensual / clase suelta
  •    Jueves de 18:30 a 19:30h.
  • ( Junior 45€/60€)

Grupo 3: Kart Competición

80/100 €

precio por clase
  •   Consultar Jueves de 18:30 a 1930h.

Estepona racing circuit has been selected as the place for the Karting School Lessons.

All classes are taught on the Estepona circuit

- **Children's Initial:** Children between the ages of approximately 5 and 10 (maximum height 1.40m).

- **Initial Junior & Extreme:** Children workshop than 1.40m.**Clothing:**- Comfortable sports clothing is recommended. Helmet will be provided at the facility.


- You can request your registration by sending an email to [] or directly at the KART&FUN Estepona facilities or by calling [+34 951 13 69 18]